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Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

II, the new-fashioned way
I can do it this way, too, with just these electronic pulses.
Stuff added:
1. A
classic rant published in 2000 in the Springfield News-Leader's fall Progress Edition (Why no more Progress Editions? Did progress stop? Devoutly to be wished.) I half-ran that special section and I believe it is my proudest newspaper moment -- not (only) because of this piece that I wrote. Fantastic photography. And my own personal coup: An architectural review of Springfield by novelist Donald Harington (he's also an art-history professor at the University of Arkansas). He's a fabulous writer and a fascinating story himself. Google it or send me a note and I'll tell you about it. I see now that I caved and did not publish Harington's reference to Hammons Tower as a "black phallus."
Jan Peterson, if you're reading this, I want the color separations from that cover. What'll it take?
2. An additional song on the
Ditties page. This one is the first in a series of parenthood songs -- not really parenthood so much as songs for and about a particular boy. Here's a good one (the first one), written, as the title suggests, about two months into his existence.
I'm off the DSL for a couple days and connecting at home via the air card. The small web pipe that gives me let's me know the songs do not play back very well at less-than-high Internet access speeds. Sorry about that, if anyone's having trouble. I guess I could upload smaller files. It's not as if my voice and playing require high fidelity.
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Numero Uno


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