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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Misadventures in spelling (two pages, extra challenging)





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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's all-vinyl, all-the-time. Resolved to listen through the entire LP collection as I figure out how to store and organize the records, along with a trove of cassettes. Check out what's been on the turntable most recently.
Anyone else suspect, after taking in my trenchant social commentary after a 1992 election-night viewing party, that I'd been reading "The Bonfire of The Vanities"? Right you are.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Political analysis, 17 years late

   Sad to say, I think I used to be a better writer. Or maybe I'm just sentimental. Or delusional.
   New on the back-catalog page is a piece about the election of Bill Clinton. Very interesting, particularly in light of the numbers Obama pulled in Howell County -- county seat, West Plains -- where the action in this essay takes place.
   Clinton (Bill, it's now required to qualify)took Howell County in 1992. Won a majority in an electoral race that he won nationally but with only a plurality of the popular vote. Perot. Charts. So forth.
   Certainly, as is the premise of the piece, Howell County remains heavily Republican. But Clinton's success shows it's not necessarily about partisanship. Obama's failure reveals it is about race. Obama, in an election that featured the spectre of a much-more-despised Bush, couldn't do it. The country's first black president polled only 33.7 percent. McCain's huge victory there wasn't aided by a third-party spoiler in 2008. The white Arizona senator took 64.5 percent. Neither does Howell's number reflect a particularly Missourian slant. McCain took Missouri as a whole by 0.1 percent.
  Then, as I'm looking up these numbers, I see this Amendment 1 business on Missouri's November ballot. Government in English or some such. It's an English-only bill. Good gravy. What nonsense. And not new nonsense, as shown by the second addition to the Golden Oldies section (scroll down -- you don't want to read the damn Clinton thing again), an op-ed from the P-D. The Emerson referred to there is not the current Emerson who holds the Congressional seat for the district that stretches from Limbaughland nigh on to nearly Marshfield (is nigh on redundant with the addition of nearly?), if I remember correctly -- it's her now-dead husband.
   All arguments made there 17 years ago still apply, only more so given that 86.3 percent of Missourians were convinced to vote for its reincarnation. As astounding a number as that is (can more than four out of five Missourians agree what day of the week it is?), consider Howell County. There, 90.4 percent approved Amendment 1.
   Ah, but consensus is grand.
   I happen to think they're written pretty well, particularly the English-language one. Much better than the struggles on here thus far. Maybe it's getting used to my medium. Is that it? Is it?

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play ball!

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