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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let there be Ritz

   On the 17th day of creation, 11 days after completing the real heavy lifting and with two days off to watch football, God looked around and felt a pang of emptiness.

   Yes, there was earth and land and light and dark and man and woman and they were "good" and all, but something was missing.

   There was, for instance, cream cheese. And for another thing, there was peanut butter. These were, indisputably, good things. 

   Yet the nagging sense persisted that a void still existed, and it wasn't jalepeno mint jelly, because that was there (and it rocked).

   Then, all of a suddy, it came to the Omniscient One. And that -- my friends, in this season of joy -- was when God created Ritz Crackers.

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