Pillar to post

Careful readers will note the summary of parts and weights in the last post reflected a mid-build change. The straight aluminum Nashbar seatpost was replaced with an offset aluminum Thomson seatpost.


Weight loss was not the point – I can lose more than 111 grams with a good belch. The positioning of the saddle fore and aft with both the clamp adjustments and the setback puts me over the pedals as I wish. Tilt adjustment, as well, is much more precise with the new Thomson, machined in its entirety from a single piece of aluminum right up the road in Macon, Ga.

The chief purpose of the aluminum seatpost was to provide a spot to clamp the workstand vise without crushing the precious carbon fiber frame. If for that purpose alone, the relatively cheap-o Nashbar did the job.

But that Thomson looks a lot cooler. Bonus: It functions, too.