Lord willing

The Katy will have to wait.


Floodwaters on the Missouri mean canceling plans to ride the length of the Katy Trail. Instead, we’re heading farther north to Minnesota and Wisconsin to take on a section of the Great River Road from St. Paul to Dubuque.

Instead of a visit to familiar stamping grounds in central Missouri (we’ll miss you, Booches), Avery and I will strike out on a different adventure (hello, Piggy’s). Dad Lectures will switch from Meriweather Lewis to Sinclair Lewis. The soundtrack will eschew Chuck Berry, Sammy Hagar, and Sheryl Crow in favor of Prince, Dylan, and Paul Westerberg. (That’s some serious talent disparity.)

Last weekend, radio announcers in the Twin Cities warned listeners to stay hydrated, keep in the air conditioning, and don’t leave pets in the car. It was 83 degrees.

To the north.