Dead & Breakfast

Day 2 out on the Great River Road kept us close to the river and took us through village after village. Each had its bars to choose from. One had pie. Sweet Stockholm.

Much of the day was spent along the shores of Lake Pepin, a natural lake of the Mississippi. In Pepin the town, eagles and Laura Ingalls Wilder held sway. As a child I attended Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School in Springfield, Missouri. I expected some recognition from the people in her birthplace, maybe a parade or at least a medal. None was forthcoming.

Once over the bridge back into Minnesota at Wabasha we were ensconced in a dilapidating property soon to be auctioned off. We made friends at the bar across the street where Brenda took us in, served us beer, pizza, and fellowship in her Turning Waters brewery business behind her Turning Waters B&B.

Tracer Bullitt investigated the growing mystery of Jungle Jimmy’s death. Or apparent death. Watch today’s episode and you decide.